Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Reckless House Teams

We are incredibly excited for the work and joy that will be created by these ensembles over the next 6 months! 

You can check out the Big Fiasco teams Thursdays 8:30-11pm, starting July 13th. 

Catch the Riot teams Thursdays 7-8:30pm, starting July 20th. The rotation of which teams are performing when can be found on the show calendar of our website.

We are wild. We are rowdy. We are Reckless.

Thursdays 7-8:30pm, $5
The Riot is home to our newest ensembles as they band together to create live theatre that dares to stun and astonish.

Adrian Burke
Sue Constantine
Jeffrey Emerson
Jon Foox
Ali Levin
Shelley Little
Mallory Muratore
Karl Spurzem

Spencer Campbell
Kate Donat
Logan Herries
Sam Horowitz
Will Huebner
Gabrielle Krumins
Jake Lucas
Roxie Wilson

Lida Darmian
Samantha Evans
Tobin Mollett
Jeremy Moulton
Mary Kate Roohan
Jesse Vandenbergh
Michael Varamogiannis
Addie Weyrich

Paige Heimark
Anne Hogan
Richard Krysztoforski
Zack Martin
Sarah Sixt
Joyah Spangler
Trevor Wade
Izzy Wolfson

Thursdays 8:30-11pm, $5
The Big Fiasco is home to our veteran ensembles who perform the freshest live theatre in New York City.

Matt Candio
Eric Feurer
Maddie Fischer
Michael Romanos
Graham Techler
Anne Veal
Patrick Williams

HELIX (Spokane)
Dana Kaplan-Angle
Aaron Kheifits
Brandon Lisy
Kiki Tarkhan-O'Keeffe
Randy Reiman
John St. Denis
Laura Thomas
Mike Zakarian

Nicole Alexander
Andrei Alupului
Ashley Cohen
Glennis LaRoe
Andrew Migdail
Dan Titmuss
Rollie Williams

NEMESIS (Deconstruction)
Don Chang
Andrew Coalson
Jacob Davis
Eric Kuehnemann
Aaren Lasky
Nanie Mendez
Rachel Rosenthal

Emily Bolecek
Matt Clevy
Carolyn Cox
TJ Del Reno
Tom Kelley
Ian O'Keeffe
Steve Ward

Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Classes at Reckless!

Interested in Reckless??

Try a free Drop-in Workshop!

Get a fun introduction to the Reckless approach from house performer and coach Patrick Williams!

Wednesdays 7-10pm | Chris Roberti

Break out of your improv ruts by saying yes to yourself, your scene, and your partners.
This three week workshop is devised to create a culture of yes, balancing agreement with imagination, placing the same value on acceptance as we would creativity. Yes takes us further faster and gives our scenes thrust and lift and life.


Sundays 5-8pm | Rachel Rosenthal

New to Improv? No experience? No problem.
Intro to the Art of Improv welcomes you into the wonderful world of improvisational comedy, teaching you to play with confidence and connect with your teammates. This class provides a safe and environment to learn and grow, even for those who have never been onstage before.

Celebrate team play, while boosting your confidence as a solo performer. Agreement and attack are essential to the Reckless method. Endorse and cosign each other’s moves with immediate attack, be fearless and reactionary. Get on your toes, out of your head and play Reckless. Explore various forms such as the Monoscene, Harold, and Organic Montage. Juggle multiple patterns, while holding true to your point of view, and making rich scenic choices that awaken your sense of play and togetherness.
Pre-requisite: Must have completed R1: Reckless Intensive

Saturdays 3-6pm | Christian Capozzoli
Explore Reckless Theatre’s signature form – 4TRACK.  Rush the stage with confidence and connectivity. Ratchet, bounce and build scenes to a boil, then tumbles into an avalanche of distilled and pithy callbacks. This form demands group ownership, bold choices, physicality, and split second agreement and attack.   
All lessons are designed to create an immediate sense of trust, synergy, and agreement. Surprise and shock yourself and take this workshop. There will be 6 Classes and 3 Shows.
Pre-requisite: Must have completed R1: Reckless Intensive and R2: Ensemble
Wednesdays 7-10pm | Christian Capozzoli
Reckless Coaching introduces educational theory and scaffolding to help you design your rehearsals and lesson plans. You will devise warm-ups to address anemic play, note with precision, and lead a conducted rehearsal. After completion of this class you will be able to pitch symposium lectures at Reckless.
*It is strongly recommended that students who sign up for this class have at least 3 years of improv training or have completed R1-R3 at Reckless.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Reckless announces auditions for 1984

Reckless Theatre is announcing auditions for its Summer flagship show, 1984. Directed by Tom Kelley and Anne Veal, this show will have 7 performances. In order to audition, you must commit to the following dates:

Friday, July 28th (2 performances)
Saturday, July 29th (2 performances)
Friday, August 4th (2 performances)
Saturday, August 5th (final performance)

Who can audition? 
  • Students who have studied at Reckless within the last 3 months or those already enrolled in upcoming classes
  • Students who have completed Master Class at any point
  • Company members


1984 - Orwell’s novel raced to #1 on Amazon and sold out multiple printings since 45 was elected. Re-reading it now (or encountering it for the first time) can be a disturbingly familiar experience. The Ministry of Truth seems like the womb Sean Spicer and “alternative facts” were born from. Putin and Assad are the real-world reflections of the novel’s Eurasia and Eastasia, flipping in a moment from the president’s friends to his enemies. Sabers are rattled, hatred is stoked, ignorance is applauded. We can see our worst fears about the current American experience reflected in Oceania and Big Brother.

Our goal is to create a piece of theatre through improvisation and theatrical exploration that exists in and is inspired by the world of Orwell’s 1984. It will distill and abstract elements of the novel to create something new, something that feels familiar to fans of the book but isn’t strictly bound to its narrative.

Because of the approach to this piece, there will be a smaller core cast with a greater time commitment to rehearsal, as well as an ensemble who will rehearse less often, but still be an integral part of the experience. We are looking for performers willing to commit - people excited to analyze, dissect, experiment, explore, and create together.

For these auditions, we would like you to perform a 1-2 minute character or theatrical piece inspired by some part of 1984. 

If you don't have time to reread the novel - you can find inspiration for your creation of an audition piece here: 1984 Audition Supportive Materials

What does this mean? 
  • A character piece would essentially be a monologue inspired by someone in the book. This can be a character we hear from at length or one merely referenced. Winston and Julia will not necessarily be the central characters of this show - we would prefer to see you bring your own perspective and nuance to other characters, regardless of their prominence in the original narrative.
  • A theatrical piece would be more akin to a brief moment from a one-person show. Create something using the visual, aural, and emotional tools of theatre to bring life to some element of the book. Show us your creativity as well as your performance chops. 
What you choose to create can be silent, it can use words, it can use guitars, it can use popsicle sticks, it can use a soundtrack, etc. We want to see your unique take on dealing with the characters, themes and concepts of 1984. We will not be featuring the current president in this piece, though his presence will be impossible to avoid, we fear. We do ask that you find ways to create work that does not include him at the center.

You will audition in groups of 5. After everyone’s piece, you will be led through some improv and devised work as a group. We want to see how you work within an ensemble as well as what you bring in as an individual.

Auditions will take place Wednesday, May 10th 8-11pm (3929 Studios) and Saturday, May 13th 2-5pm (Simple Studios). Rehearsals will begin Monday, June 5th. Please come to auditions with your June/July availability handy. Sign up for your 30 minute audition slot here.

We look forward to having you share your work with us! Let’s make great things.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Instant Teams Round 7

We are super psyched to announce Round 7 of Instant Teams at Reckless Theatre! We have 6 incredible, brand new teams that attack the stage starting April 18th. Don't miss a show - every Tuesday at 7pm from April 18th - June 6th.

Meet the Teams!

Crazy Legs - Monoscene
Coach: Michael Hernandez
Matthew Aromando
Caitlin Coleman
Chelsea Frei
Katie Johantgen
Megan Moore
Rachel Ricketts
Lori Strauss
Martin Sugar

Universal Spider - Evente
Coach: Michael Romanos
Joanna Balin
Ian Dyer
Sam De Roest
Nick Phillips
Ethan Scheck
Katie Skopkowski
Sarah Teed
Yan Timanovski

Queen of the Bees - Organic Montage
Coach: Rachel Rosenthal
Julie Cavaliere
Tiffany Dill
Kiran Jani
Julie Kann
Kaitlin Lee
Michael Short
Tim Steifler
Aidan Van Dyke

Baby Horse - Harold
Coach: Anne Hogan
Jillian Anthony
Isabella Carter
Laura Cornachio
Tiffany Firebaugh
Erica Johnson
Rich Kameda
Sam Spyres
David Tichauer

The Unavoidable - Organic Montage
Coach: Richard Krysztoforski
Ross Berman
Chris Bonet
Nick Cohen
Valete Graham
Luis Granado II
Jessy Morner-Ritt
Lindsey Myers
Jean Kim

Boom Boom - Organic Montage
Coach: Glennis LaRoe
Maria Bobila
Steve Clark
Melissa Englander
Adam Fisher-Cox
Lesley Hennen
Annika Kapur
Sonya Saepoff
Rico Screpka